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Hi! We’re Gurango Software Corporation.

We do the stuff that superheroes can’t, like design cool software for your business.

Gurango Software Corporation (GSC) helps clients achieve their ambitions by building business solutions using Microsoft technologies. We work closely with our clients to improve the productivity of their people and reduce costs using our finance, manufacturing, supply chain, HR/payroll, customer relationship, and hosted solutions. These robust, integrated business software applications are all built on the Microsoft technology platform.

As part of commitment to provide long-term solutions for every business challenge, our company provides software products that are similar to the Microsoft Office applications most users are already familiar with, lowering training costs and accelerating adoption. We can also provide clients with cloud-based IT infrastructure, eliminating traditional sources of IT headaches and enhancing accessibility, reliability, and security.


At Gurango Software Corporation, we believe that people are the greatest source of any sustainable competitive advantage. We are committed to finding, developing, and retaining the best talent available. Our international team of specialists are trained and certified through a program that includes high levels of technical certification, formal qualifications, and industry experience.

As a strong believer of the efficiency of our own products, we use the same software applications that we provide to our clients to manage our people and automate our operations.


Core Values


We believe that success can be achieved efficiently by having the right PEOPLE doing the right THINGS at the right TIME. For this reason, we look up to these four core values in everything that we do at GSC…


Customer Service

Technology Driven

Process Oriented