Mr. Joey Gurango, Head Geek

Pinoy IT legend and Microsoft MVP Hall of Famer, not like that’s a big deal or something.

Joey Gurango started his IT career way back in 1982, when he got a job with Apple Computer as a product support engineer for the Lisa computer, the predecessor to the Macintosh. Then in 1986, he worked as a programmer at Microsoft on version 1.0 of Excel for Windows.   He moved back to the Philippines in 1991 to start his own software company called Match Data Systems, which he sold to Great Plains Software in 1999 and was acquired by Microsoft in 2003. He worked as a Microsoft executive between 1999 and 2003, first as the Managing Director for the business solutions software development team, then as the Asia-Pacific Regional Director for Products and Services.

Joey Gurango is proud to be a legitimate nerd and a technology geek. In November 2006, the Philippine Center for Entrepreneurship acknowledged him as one of the country’s Ten Most Inspiring Technopreneurs. In January 2007, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals, in recognition of his mastery of, and contributions to, software technologies and businesses.

He is currently the CEO and CTO of Gurango Software, an award-winning a global provider of Human Capital Management solutions, serving over 500 customers in 15 different countries. In addition to leading Gurango Software as the most successful Microsoft Dynamics partner in the Philippines, Joey has co-founded several other software start-ups such as, and was appointed President at the Philippine Software Industry Association in 2013. Currently, Joey also sits as one of the Directors at Xurpas Inc. and as Managing Director of Kation Technologies.

Joey’s IT industry advocacy is to grow the Philippine software products sector to become a major contributor to nation-building.

You don’t get to meet an MVP like him everyday….
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