Clients Turned Business Allies

Here are companies running on business software made by our team.


Belo Medical Group

As Belo Medical group grew its customer base, the company needed a solution that would streamline and integrate processes and financial information across its six clinics and head office. To provide a solution to this, Belo Medical group teamed up with Gurango Software Corporation to implement Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM, transforming every clinic into an integrated branch. VIEW CASE STUDY


First Philippine Industrial Park (FPIP)

Business is becoming more and more complex to FPIP as they introduce new products and expand client base and the need for a robust solution that would support its management needs arise. To address this, FPIP partnered with Gurango Software Corporation and rolled out Microsoft Dynamics GP to enhance overall business process efficiency. VIEW CASE STUDY


Queensland Baptist Care (QBC)

Queensland Baptist Care has implemented SmartHR, a state of the art, human resource solution that is dynamically integrated to their legacy payroll system. The system has reduced the cost of HR management, significantly improved the QBC HR metrics and reporting, and enabled the right access to HR information for any individual across multiple locations. VIEW CASE STUDY


Safety Center of the Philippines, Inc.

Safety Center of the Philippines, Inc. partnered with Microsoft Managed Partner GSC to implement a scalable ERP solution, Microsoft Dynamics GP, enabling users from other teams other than the accounting department to generate reports, access data, carry out tasks, and automatically generate sales orders and invoices. VIEW CASE STUDY


Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

As a fast growing pizza chain, Yellow Cab Pizza banks on the reliable Microsoft Dynamics CRM software to deliver their unique, fresh-made pies to customers every day. Gurango Software has helped Yellow Cab Pizza turn their CRM application into a fully customized program capable of putting valuable information into every delivery call transaction. VIEW CASE STUDY

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