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A comprehensive suite of human capital management applications that will increase the productivity of an enterprise’s Human Resource Department by automating “request & approval” workflows and enabling employee self-services. Gurango.HCM applications include employee 201, leaves, time & attendance, payroll, recruitment, training, talent and succession management.


Employees are assets and, like all assets, must be managed well.

Gurango.HCM works with the principle that people are assets whose values are measurable and can be enhanced. With its integration into any system, the road to a more organized HR system and improved employee performance will no doubt be smoother.

For the Geeks

201 Core Module.
Centralizes and aggregates HR information by bringing together information from disparate spreadsheets, documents and forms, images, databases, and people’s memories helping to convert tacit information with limited value to explicit knowledge.

Time & Attendance.
Incorporates sophisticated workflow and automation features and comes with preconfigured setup of critical events such as Overtime, Official Business, Change Shift, Leave application and Approvals.

Creates general ledger entries and accounts payable journal entries to keep track of paychecks and comply with documentation standards. Can automatically compute for government benefit deductions and compile reports.

Employee Self Service.
Provides a self-help portal that allows employees to perform HR tasks and place requests that would normally need to be done by HR personnel, saving labour hours, increasing efficiency, and promoting workplace intiative.

Allows easy administration of the entire recruitment and selection process, from initial Annual Manpower Planning to final Hiring. Allows filtering and sorting of candidates using complex criteria, and alerts HR personnel on interviews, testing and results.

Organizes the planning of training courses of employees, as well as easily and automatically adding information for each employee profile, such as certifications and awards and tracking skills and qualifications.

Industrial Relation.
Offers consultation, facilitation and resolution strategies for workplace issues to ensure healthy relationships between management, subordinates, and the entire workforce. It assists in communications, corrective action and planning, disciplinary actions, and discussions of policies and procedures.

Talent & Succession.
Enables HR personnel to track leading KPI's across the board, which in turn allows proactive talent management that leads to better retention of high caliber staff, and optimized promotion decisions.

Leave all your HR troubles behind.

The time to invest in Human Resource Management is now.
Employees are the cells that keep the heart of any organization pumping—putting the right HR mechanisms in place can spell the difference between a mediocre workforce and an exceptional one.

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